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Choose Clever International School for a complete online education solution or as a supplement to your local school's curriculum.
Our fully accredited secondary (IGCSE) and pre-university (A Level) programmes provide a flexible and comprehensive academic experience for students aged 14 to 19,
preparing them for success at world-renowned universities.
Using a Foremost Digital Platform

Advantages of Online Blended Education

Education combines self-study, feedback from tutors, and live classes for a personalised and flexible learning experience.
Choose your subjects and study depth to achieve your career goals. Our personalized education approach provides experience to help you succeed.
We offer flexible education that fits your schedule. Choose an appropriate time and volume of study to achieve your academic goals on your terms.
Focus on learning
Blended & flexible education provides a focused learning environment with fewer distractions.
Career paths
Thanks to the choice of study areas, you can align your education with your career path. You can design your education to fit your goals and achieve success on your own terms.
Get ahead with blended programmes. Our approach to learning allows you to make faster progress and have more time for other activities, all while achieving your academic goals.


Why Clever Online School

We offer the shortest path to a successful career in a highly competitive global labour market.

Cambridge international

The Cambridge international curriculum sets a global standard for education and is recognised by universities and employers worldwide. Cambridge programmes combine an emphasis on mastering subjects in depth with the development of skills for study and work in the future.

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English proficiency

Our IGCSE and A Level courses are in English. They provide not only in-depth subject knowledge but also additional extensive English skills practice, ensuring a smoother adaptation at the universities that use English as the medium of their education programme.

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Real-time interaction

At Clever Online School, we believe that everyday control and feedback are essential to effective online education. That's why our tutors provide daily guidance and support to ensure our students reach their full potential.
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Live classes

Clever Online School students benefit from self-learning, as well as from interactive live classes by expert teachers and discussions with their international classmates.

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Career guidance

We realise how challenging it might be to choose subjects for IGCSE and A Level. So we offer our students and their families guidance and support as they make their choices regarding career paths and develop university entrance strategies.

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What we offer
  • Daily (!) tasks, guidance, check, and tutor feedback
  • Grades, assessment/progress, learning records
  • Regular live classes, consultations, and answers upon requests
  • Online access to digital resources in Microsoft for Education
  • Career counselling and assistance regarding the choice of subjects
  • Help with registration at Cambridge International venue for exams
IGCSE (Level 10 or 11) one academic year
Admission fee: one payment of €199
5–7 subjects (each is ~4 hours/week): 10 monthly payments x €199
Any additional subject: 10 monthly payments x €45

Exams at the end of this stage in registered Cambridge International venue are paid separately
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AS/A Level (Level 12 or 13) one academic year
Admission fee: one payment of €199
3–4 subjects (each is ~8 hours/week): 10 monthly payments x €199
Any additional subject: 10 monthly payments x €95

Exams at this stage in registered Cambridge International venue are paid separately
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How it works
Choose your course
Apply at our website
Get a consultation and all the details on the education programme
Make a first payment
Learn online and take part in live classes
Submit your assignments and track your progress
Book your appointment at the nearest Exam Center
Pass all necessary exam-style tests
Sit your exams and enter a university
Who we are

Clever Online School is owned and operated by a group of teachers and educational technologists dedicated to innovation in education. We believe in the power of traditional person-to-person teaching practices and cutting-edge technology that makes education highly efficient, flexible, and accessible worldwide.

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