Online school with Cambridge and Pearson international programs in English for students 14-19 years old
We prepare students for admission to universities in Europe and the USA from 75 euros/month. Mixed program (online+homeschooling), team projects for portfolios, internships in partner companies and career guidance are already included in the price
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International Curriculum
4.8 Overall company rating
The Cambridge and Pearson International Curriculum sets the global standard for education and is recognized by universities and employers around the world
Team projects
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Daily assignments with checking and feedback from tutors
Weekly group live sessions
in English
24/7 access to an online platform with learning resources
Regular progress reports in a convenient format
Remote internship in a partner IT company, letter of recommendation
Career coaching, EU/US university selection and preparation for enrollment
Who definitely needs it
Children with physical limitations (illnesses or disabilities)
Often public schools do not have the necessary infrastructure, or it may simply be physically difficult for children to attend public school
Children with special needs
(e.g., autism or dyslexia) that are not met by the public school because teachers may not have the necessary skills to work effectively with these children
Children who do not have nearby schools providing the required level of education
Children who are athletes, musicians and artists, who need to focus on their dreams and only need the minimum necessary schooling
Gifted children for whom the regular school program is not enough
  • Frequently traveling families
  • Children of expats
  • Children suffering from bullying in public school
  • Children who have conflicts with teachers
A-levels certificates are accepted by universities around the world and are recognized as equivalent to British levels. An A-level certificate shows that a student is internationally oriented and ready for international education. Furthermore, it does not need to be translated from the local language of the country or apostilled* (except in some countries). Certified exam centers exist all over the world.
The International Program is constantly kept up-to-date by Cambridge. This means that students will receive only the latest knowledge that meets the challenges of today's labor market. At the same time, Cambridge's international education system is time-tested, with many famous people from around the world having studied under it.
Students choose their own subjects and can focus on the subjects they plan to study later at university. Thus, the program can be adapted to the needs of each student, taking into account their interests and aspirations. Focusing on selected subjects, which are fewer than in the local education system, allows for higher grades in these subjects, which will increase the chances of getting into university.
The Cambridge International Program is more practice-oriented than the programs of local public schools in many countries. There are no "unnecessary" subjects in the program, which are rarely useful in real life, careers and business.
Team projects
Why is online learning better?
The child will become independent
The student will need to plan his/her own school day, with the exception of online group sessions with a tutor. This is disciplining and teaches responsibility.
It is possible to study at home
When you study in a familiar environment, among familiar things, it is much easier to concentrate on your studies, sitting in a comfortable chair with a mug of your favorite tea, rather than in a large noisy classroom with uncomfortable chairs.
No geographical limitations
The student will be able to learn from anywhere, and planning a family vacation or relocation will no longer be an issue.
No threat of bullying, physical and psychological violence from peers
  • According to a UNESCO report, nearly one in three students has been bullied by peers 1 or more times in a month. Bullying can have a dramatic impact on a child's academic performance, future life and career.
  • No threat of harassment or sexual violence from teachers or school bullies.
The child will not fall into bad company
The child will not fall into bad company, will not smoke around the corner of the school, will not become a victim of school shooting
Time saving
Saving time traveling to and from school. There will be more time for sports, creativity and hobby clubs where the child can socialize with peers who have the same interests. In addition, online learning can help reduce stress from lack of sleep.
Saving money
There is no need to spend money on school uniforms, textbooks and lunches. The money saved can be spent on additional education, equipment for your child or sports.
Why you should choose Clever International School
Why we're better than local public schools
We have rare specialized subjects that may not be in the curriculum of a "regular" public school
In a local education system, there may be a risk that the child will study everything and spend less time on the chosen core subjects that will be needed when entering university and starting a career
Why we're better than local private schools
Our tuition fees are lower than many private local schools with the same program.
Many private schools teach author's programs. We use international programs from Cambridge and Pearson, which have proven themselves all over the world
A private local school may not provide opportunities to meet peers from other countries and cultures, which is important for international education and work
In many private locally run schools, due to the size of the class groups, each individual student may not be given enough attention
Local private schools are often limited to a local pool of teachers. We can bring in teachers from any country in the world
What makes us better than other online schools
4.8 Overall company rating
Asynchronous individualized training provided learning resources with daily assignments under the supervision of tutors and curator in a format convenient for the student
Weekly synchronized group work under the tutor's supervision in videoconference mode
Small project groups of up to 6 people, allowing for an even deeper understanding of subjects and the development of soft-skills and team competencies
Learning in English

Due to constant conversational practice with native speakers on scientific and business topics, your child will learn English at a good level, which will be sufficient for admission to foreign universities and subsequent employment in international companies
Full control

Parents will always be aware of their child's progress through our regular online reporting system. We use not only grades but also provide detailed written feedback on the student's behavior
Our school in Serbia has all the necessary official documents to conduct educational activities
Learning at your own pace

A comfortable level of total learning load based on each child's individual needs and abilities. This reduces stress and allows you to achieve better results. It is always possible to watch sessions with tutors in recordings if something is missed due to illness or other reasons. Learning materials are available around the clock, a child can refer to the program at any time and refresh knowledge
A clear growth track for each student

Our online school has ready-made career tracks and an interactive progress map. Follow the stages of the curriculum in real time and find out in which careers your child may have the best perspectives for the future
Equality and privacy

Students do not have access to each other's grades and stop comparing themselves to others. This approach helps to avoid insecurity when children compare themselves to peers who have higher grades. Our students track only their own progress and grow above themselves without interference or looking at others
Mentoring of curators

The curator analyzes the student's progress and behavior, helps the student advance in his or her chosen career tracks, and is in constant communication with parents to promptly answer their questions.
Individual approach to each student

At the initial free interview, we find out what your situation, goals and objectives are, talk to the child and parents. Our psychologist will help you understand what subjects your child has a predisposition for and how to choose a path that is more likely to lead to success in the future, taking into account the child's abilities and interests.
Unlike many other online schools, we do not dilute our focus and specialize only in IGCSE and A-level, providing online courses only for this age group. We know why teenagers at this age find it hard to learn and we know how to work with it.
In addition to Cambridge and Pearson learning resources, our tutors use additional modern, useful media content selected and verified by our tutors
Monthly payment option

If for any reason our online school isn't right for you, you can leave at any time. In many other online schools, you would have to pay for the whole year at once with no refund option.
Additional extracurricular activities:

  • Online hackathons on topics closer to real business tasks;
  • Online Olympiads (+ preparation help);
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How we keep students motivated
The following things keep the student from falling behind and becoming discouraged in the process of learning:
Synchronized communications, regular and frequent. Tutor and student teams work together once a week
We select the right mix of subjects, learning materials and level of assignments to make learning interesting and effective for the student
Gamification of the learning process. We use modern effective approaches to increase student motivation. Children see measurable progress, get satisfaction from completed tasks and get a boost of energy to reach new heights
Daily supervision and feedback from tutors through homework assignments and checking them
What abilities we develop in our students
We teach flexible skill sets that are in demand in today's job market
To find your career path in a fast-changing world, it is important to be able to adapt quickly and have T-shaped skills that allow you to not be limited to any one profession. IT, management, business, science - or maybe all at once?
Online communication and soft skills
Today, with more than 28% of employees already working remotely and up to 65% in hybrid mode, online communication is becoming an advantage rather than a limitation. In many companies, you need to communicate regularly with colleagues from other cities and countries - and your child will learn how to do this while studying and working on team projects
Key cognitive abilities
Self-discipline, goal-setting, self-management, reflection, lifelong learning ability
400 +
parents trust us
Technical Literacy
According to the World Economic Forum's Future of Jobs survey in 2023, more than 40% of companies believe that technical literacy is one of the top 10 most important skills. Almost 70% of companies believe that this skill will soon be in the top 3, along with creative and analytical thinking. All of this can be learned at our school
Preparing for a future career
Our methodologists have worked with businesses to develop a unique program to help your child:
Career guidance and early career coaching. Our methodologists and psychologists will help you identify what your child really enjoys
Ready-made career tracks. Students will know what to focus on for future success
Team projects that will go into a portfolio. This can be a plus both for entering university and starting a career. In addition, your child will learn how to work in different cross-functional teams, which is a very important skill in today's labor market, especially in international companies
Help in selecting affordable but prestigious universities. Few people know that education in European universities can be much cheaper than in your home country, or even free of charge! Education in Europe is one of the most affordable methods of immigration to countries with a high standard of living, and a diploma from a European university is a reliable foundation for starting a career and business.
Internships in partner companies. The very first "work experience" that so many candidates lack! Mentors from the partner IT company select a suitable project role for our graduates depending on their chosen career track. Official letters of recommendation following a successful internship - as another bonus in your child's portfolio!
Many people know that it is now very difficult for aspiring professionals to find their first job without work experience, and it often feels like a vicious circle. How can a child overcome this barrier in the future? The secret is simple - you need to prepare a portfolio in advance!
Platform and format (how we teach)
We use a digital learning environment based on the Microsoft For Education platform
Secure digital environment for online learning
Interactive features for more effective education
Protected student data
Streamlined assignment and feedback management system for effective learning every day
Multimedia content and high degree of interactivity
The student's digital footprint is accumulated in the system and analyzed by the curator and psychologist to further personalize learning and improve career guidance
Would you like to see how it works?
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The school team
Сертификаты: Cambridge Exams CAE, TOEFL
Стаж работы: 8 лет
Образование: Высшее лингвистическое и экономическое
Digital Education Manager
Сертификаты: Cambridge Exams CAE, TOEFL
Стаж работы: 8 лет
Образование: Высшее лингвистическое и экономическое
Educational Designer
Сертификаты: Cambridge Exams CAE, TOEFL
Стаж работы: 8 лет
Образование: Высшее лингвистическое и экономическое
School Psychologist
Сертификаты: Cambridge Exams CAE, TOEFL
Стаж работы: 8 лет
Образование: Высшее лингвистическое и экономическое
Mathematics Teacher
Сертификаты: Cambridge Exams CAE, TOEFL
Стаж работы: 8 лет
Образование: Высшее лингвистическое и экономическое
English Literature & Language Teacher
Сертификаты: Cambridge Exams CAE, TOEFL
Стаж работы: 8 лет
Образование: Высшее лингвистическое и экономическое
Сертификаты: Cambridge Exams CAE, TOEFL
Стаж работы: 8 лет
Образование: Высшее лингвистическое и экономическое
Сертификаты: Cambridge Exams CAE, TOEFL
Стаж работы: 8 лет
Образование: Высшее лингвистическое и экономическое
We have a rigorous staff selection process
Only candidates with specialized education and teaching experience can become tutors
The curator can be a candidate with specialized education and a master’s degree, as well as experience in teaching and project work
3 stages of tutor recruitment:
3 stages of curator recruitment:
  • Initial selection based on resume
  • Initial selection based on resume
  • Interview
  • Interview
  • Test lesson
  • Candidate portfolio
All curators undergo regular professional development and tune-up for the new academic year - 7 days before the start of the training. During these 7 days, the teaching team participates in workshops on digital teaching methods and digital tools. We pay special attention to techniques for working with student motivation in the digital environment.
Onboarding of teachers
Quality control of ed