private school for students from 5 years of age

Clever Junior School
Novi Sad, Serbia

Serbian and Russian primary, secondary and advanced education programmes. Cambridge International Programmes.
Multilingual education: English, Russian, Serbian.

About the School

Clever Junior School is a private institution, registered by Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of Serbia, founded in 2015 in Novi Sad, Serbia. From an early age, our children communicate in three languages. There are no school bells. Students frequently work independently with the teacher as facilitator. Young sportsmen and women find it easy to adjust to a combination of learning and training. We are proud to be developing a school with an individual approach that provides many opportunities for students to express themselves, use their initiative, be creative and actively engage in sport.

Why us?

Advanced languages
Languages are taught from the very beginning. Additional classes arranged as necessary.
A bilingual and multilingual environment
Learning different subjects in English and one's own language, while socialising with peers from around the world, has a progressive influence on long-term brain development.
Developing collaboration
In class, students solve problems in teams with children who may be their own age, older or younger. They also actively participate in problem-solving with adults on the school council.
Maximum 10 students per group
Each student takes an active part and has individual contact with teachers.
A healthy climate
Air is much cleaner than in larges cities. Long summer season. Great variety of fresh fruit and vegetables.
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Here are some questions frequently asked by parents. You can find out about enrolment, the timetable, equipment available and other important issues.
How can I enrol my child at your school?
Parents and future students should come to the school for an interview. Students do a small test, and then they are registered.
Clever International school is offering Promotional pricing for the annual fee to 10 April!
(Level 1–2)
€275 per month / 10 payments
€475 annual fee
€330 to 10 April
  • lessons
  • meals (breakfast, lunch, snack)
  • after-school care
(Level 3–6)
€425 per month / 10 payments
€555 annual fee
€390 to 10 April
  • lessons
  • meals (breakfast, lunch, snack)
  • after-school care
(Level 7–13)
€595 per month / 10 payments
€895 annual fee
€620 to 10 April
  • lessons
  • meals (breakfast, lunch, snack)
School contacts
Tel: +381 21 639 2655
Sime Milutinovića Sarajlije 32
21000, Novi Sad, Vojvodina,
Point your e-mail, phone and we will contact to you