Clever International School Novi Sad offers different education programmes for pupils:

For the teaching of English, Serbian, Russian and literature as a first language native speakers have been engaged.

In accordance with the national educational curricula, pupils take exams in their finishing year (ГИА9, ЕГЭ according to the Russian educational system, the “maturski” exam according to the Serbian educational system). Further, pupils receive a national certificate (diploma) of education.

On finishing secondary school learners gain the International General Certificate of Secondary Education IGCSE or certificates of more advanced level: A–level, Pre–U or AICE Diploma (The Cambridge Advanced International Certificate of Education). Students holding Cambridge qualifications can continue their education in the best universities around the world

Examinations necessary for achieving the set goals are held throughout the course of schooling as follows:


  • -      in accordance with the Serbian educational curriculum, all tests and exams are held at our school,

  • -      testing according to the Cambridge programme and sitting international exams takes place at our school or in another school accredited by Cambridge.

Our school accepts students at any educational stage. Students don’t have to complete the programmes mentioned above before they enroll in our school.

We fully aspire to support children’s health, to develop their creativity, curiosity, self-confidence and analytical thinking.  


A high level of mutual understanding and respect combined with an individual approach to each pupil make for a creative and caring atmosphere in the pupil-teacher team. 


Clever School is located in a pleasant part of Novi Sad called Adice, 32 Sime Milutinovica Sarajlije street.  It has a school yard where the children can play and relax. There are sport facilities in the immediate vicinity.

We invite you to come with us on an exciting and educational journey, where you will be able to express your native culture and achieve self-assurance at an international level.