School Fees

The school is enrolling pupils for the 2018/2019 school year

Primary education (5–11 years)

Tuition period — 10 months (September — June).
The fee is €249 payable monthly.

Secondary I education (11–14 years), Secondary 2 & Advanced education (14-19 years)

Tuition period — 10 months (September — June).

Distance learning and partial mode of attending school

€15 monthly per subject with 2-3 lessons weekly (or 10 hours per month) with regular duration of studying without personal consultations (at school) or remote (online) consultations with teachers. Wherein teachers give tasks every day, estimate completed tasks and give feedback. For example, the price for 5 chosen subjects is €75 per month.

Additional personal consultations with teachers at school or online are possible. Every consultation (one academic hour) costs €10. In this case, when choosing 3 subjects and 3 weekly consultations the price is €165 per month, and when choosing 5 subjects and 5 weekly personal consultations the price is €275 per month. When choosing 5 subjects and 1 consultation per week the price is €105 per month.

An additional option is full-time group lessons at school or online lessons with teachers within the project work. Project topics, the number of lessons and the price of participating in this kind of work will be determined at the beginning of 2018 academic year.

In case the duration of studying is reduced because the more intensive study mode (3 or more subjects per week) is chosen, the price varies in accordance with the total cost of the course.

Full-time (daily) mode of visiting lessons

Secondary level: €75 monthly per subject with regular durationFor example, when choosing 5 subjects price will be €375 per month.

Advanced Level: €99 monthly per subject with regular durationFor example, when choosing 3 subjects price will be €297 per month, and for 5 subject — €495 per month.

May we draw your attention to the following:

  • A second child from the same family shall be allowed a discount of 5%;
  • ·        Monthly payment for home-school-home transportation is €55;

  • ·       Payment for a 3 meals a day is €90. It is oblidged for primary education to have meals at school;

  • ·       Fees do not include payment for after school club (13:40–16:00): execution of homework in mother tongue and in a foreign language, walking, handcrafting, choir, reading, games. Payment for this is €75 per month (only for primary school);

  • ·       Fees do not include payment for additional classes, including classes in extra-curricular activities where participation is on a voluntary basis (chess, music classes in music studio "Harmony", lessons in the studio of fine art "River", classes at the tennis club "Elite", swimming etc.);

  • Fees do not include payment for sitting tests or exams depending on the format chosen;
  • In addition there is an annual payment, payable once yearly at the commencement of each school year. For 2018 it is €450;
  • To receive an IGCSE it is necessary to study and pass at least 5 subjects. To obtain an ICE it is necessary to study and pass at least 7 subjectsTo get Advanced certificates Advanced (i.e., AICEa student must choose from 3 to 7 subjects with a full-time (A-level) or half-time (AS-level) study.