Cambridge Secondary 2

Cambridge secondary 2 curriculum, leading to Cambridge IGCSE qualifications

The two-years programme is for students 14 years old and upper. On completion of this programme candidates take the Cambridge examination and obtain iGCSE (international General Certificate of Secondary Education).

For pupils arriving from other schools, completion of international education programmes is not obligatory.

Throughout their schooling students will study main subjects:

  • English as a first language / English as a second language
  • Russian as a first language / German / Spanish / French as a second language
  • Mathematics in English
  • Science (Physics / Biology / Chemistry) in English
  • Geography in English
  • Business Studies / Computer Science in English
  • Economics or Environmental Management in English

When taking iGCSE exams it is sufficient to study a minimum two subjects in addition to the other three (English, Maths, Science). If the ICE option is taken at least four additional subjects must be studied.

On completion of this stage candidates will take the Cambridge IGCSEThis is the most popular international qualification for pupils of 14 to 18 years of age, recognised by leading universities and employers throughout the world.

Total 21 21
Weekly learning hours by subjects
Mother language (English, Russian, Serbian) / Second additional language 3 3
English as a second language / German / Spanich / French as a second language 5 5
Maths 4 4
Science (Physics / Biology) or Combined Science 3 3
Geography 2 2
Business Studies / Computer Science 2 2
Economics / Environmental Management 2 2

Also the extracurricula subjects and activities could be offered.