Cambridge programmes

Programmes are based on Cambridge international programmes of education, while including certain elements of the Serbian and Russian national curricula, depending on the wishes of pupils and their parents. Thus, it enables children to receive qualifications accepted in all colleges and universities world-wide, as well as being approved by the Serbian and Russian educational systems. This programme is chosen by those who wish to receive an international secondary school certificate.


For the teaching of English, Serbian, Russian and literature as a first language, native speakers have been engaged.


There are several levels at the school:

Our school offers trilingual education on basic school subjects, the approach which is thoroughly studied in Cambridge. Teachers use English textbooks and additional resources to educate learners through English, besides they can use learners' native language where it is necessary. Specific elements of Serbia and Russia's national curricula are taught in groups of no more than 10 learners. Teachers provide every support for learners to minimize the language barrier learners may experience. Learners are totally involved in the learning process. Multilingual education develops learners' skills in broad thinking which ensures their high competitiveness on the labour market.

On finishing secondary school learners gain the International General Certificate of Secondary Education IGCSE or certificates of more advanced level: A–levelPre–U or AICE Diploma (The Cambridge Advanced International Certificate of Education). Students holding Cambridge qualifications can continue their education in the best universities around the world.

Our school accepts students at any educational stage. Students don’t have to complete the programmes mentioned above before they enroll in our school.

The school accepts new pupils at any stage of education. It is not obligatory for children to have been educated by the above-mentioned curricula or programmes prior to enrolment at our school. Pupils of other schools following the national curriculum may attend classes at our school in their free time in order to learn certain subjects in English (English, Maths, Science etc.) and after finishing primary school, may continue their education at our school. They would then be at phase Secondary–2 and A–level, and would later take international entry exams for selected universities or colleges.